TSCwod – Supple Cheetahs

TSCwod – Supple Cheetahs

October 26th, 2014

Warm Up

Focus: fundamental movement skills, central nervous system activation

Heart Rate Activation

  1. Running check (Proper technique: no forward shoulder, midfoot strike, pull with hamstrings, feet landing below the body and not in front)
  2. Light run around the TSC and Blue Mountain Parking Lot

Dynamic stretch

  1. A-skips 50 m
  2. Butt kickers 50m
  3. Side Shuffle 25 m Left leg leads, 25 m right leg leads
  4. Karaoke 25 m Left leg leads, 25 right leg leads
  5. High knees 25 m
  6. Squat check (knees in line with toes or slightly out, feet shoulder width apart, hips below parallel or resting on calves, chest up)
  7. Air squats, front lunges, side lunges, drop squats 10x both legs
  8. Leg swings forward/backward, left to right, donkey kicks 10x each leg (40 total)
  9. Arm circles (10 forward/10 Backward) Large and Small (40 total)
  10. Ankle pops both feet, one leg, alternating legs each 10x

Stair Workout

Focus: hip extension (Power), knee stability, cardiovascular stamina

*CAUTION – emphasize form over speed as slips and trips can occur. Workout may need to be modified for weak/small athletes

  1. Run up each stair as quick as possible, with focus on proper running form. 5x
  2. Skip a stair if possible 5x
  3. Stair jumps test: can they hop onto a stair safely with both feet (if not, they can perform 10 forward hops on flat ground)
  4. Stair jumps each stair 5x
  5. Stair jumps skip a stair 5x
  6. Challenge: one footed stair jumps (if athletes cannot perform safely, they can remain in one spot)


Agility Ladder

Focus: lateral foot speed, neuromuscular coordination

  1. Lateral Run 10x
  2. Lateral high knees 10x
  3. Lateral cross overs 10x
  4. Lateral hops both feet 10x
  5. One footed lateral hops alternate legs each time 10x

Cool Down

Focus: muscle lengthening, myofascial release

Static Stretch (30 second holds)

  1. Hamstrings – seated, both feet forward
  2. Hamstrings – seated, one foot forward (both legs)
  3. Glutes – ankle over knee (both legs)
  4. Groin/Hamstrings – legs spread apart
  5. Groin – butterfly
  6. Hip flexors – hip dip
  7. Hips – yoga squat

Tennis Ball Mash (30 second holds)

tennis mash

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