Tips for Flying Your New Drone


1. Watch the wind and expect changes at higher altitude! Your UAV may lose control.

2. Dogs may “fetch” your UAV! Be considerate to dogs and their owners in public spaces.

3. A lot of people are afraid of your UAV due to media sensationalism or fear of the unknown. Respectfully greet people and explain what you are doing to interested persons and be friendly to puzzled or confused bystanders. A friendly wave goes a long way!

4. Practice on a wide open space when you first get your UAV to get a feel for your aircraft. Some of them are very sensitive to your touch and the last thing you want to do is hit yourself, another person or private property.

5. Avoid trees at all costs! They are to your drone like a spider web is to a fly. Bring a ladder, extendable pole, or something you can throw at the tree in the event that you get stuck.

6. Pack extra batteries. Nuff’ said.

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