Ski Racers Need to Squat—Deep

Ski racing can put your knees in precarious positions, so having strong glutes and hamstrings will help protect the knee.

You may not always ski like this, but you had best be prepared for it.

To get started early on your squats, go deep or go home! Half squats (thigh parallel to floor) work out the quads, but full squats (all the way down) work the posterior chain (back) as well as the anterior (front) of your legs.

An example of excellent squat form.

For a detailed analysis on why the deep squat is desirable, check out this article:
If you can’t get into a deep squat (below parallel) without lifting your heels, this article will tell you why. For the how, consult a certified personal trainer.
Mastering squat technique is essential for the competitive athlete. Even for the weekend warrior, a good squat will help you get stronger, more mobile and prevent injury.

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