Requirements for an Effective Flipped Classroom

When I was in teacher’s college, we were required to take a graduate level course called Action Research I during a four-month, full time teaching placement. It was an example of a Flipped Classroom; most of the time was spent outside of the classroom, but we still met on a regular basis.

The course required us to create a research proposal, but we were also teaching in a school at the time. Most of the course was done online but we were required to meet once per month on a weekend to discuss our work.

I liked the course design because it allowed us to focus on incorporating research into our practice.

For high school students, a flipped classroom could work but a few conditions would have to be met:

  1. All students would have to have access to internet-based technology away from school
  2. The students would have a consistent record of self-directed learning behaviour
  3. Attendance in the classroom would be essential for success in the course (participation grade)
  4. Office hours would be available for students who have questions
  5. The majority of students prefer this format over the traditional setup

If these conditions are met, then the flipped classroom is equitable and beneficial.

The best things to have students learn outside of the classroom are:

  • Observations from the home/community
  • Viewing/listening/reading supplementary materials
  • Online Discussions with peers
  • Online Quizzes
  • Document creation

What to include when students come to class:

  • Collaborative projects
  • Debates/discussions
  • Shared experiences
  • Performance tasks
  • Workshops/demonstrations
  • Peer Tutoring

I could imagine that senior students may feel relieved if their class time was cut in half or less. However, students would have to remain highly disciplined with their assignments, attendance and participation for the model to be effective.

Have you ever participated or facilitated a flipped classroom? Please let me know how it went.

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