Why Geography Education Matters – A Perspective from the NCGE

Why Geography Education Matters – National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE)

The article linked above is by the NCGE: an advocacy group that is a century old. It is composed of U.S. and international teachers, professors, students, businesses, and others who support geography education.

The article is a brief essay on the importance of geography education in 21st century schools. Although the bias of the writer is clear in the article, I have to agree that they make a solid point in support of geography education.

Basically, the article presents the study of Geography as an umbrella that governs all subjects. How can one appropriately understand core sciences, social sciences and history if they cannot integrate these disciplines across a global setting?

Rather than an afterthought, this article briefly illuminates why Geography can be the main focus for a large variety of students. One does not have to have a strong academic background to benefit from the study of geography. Knowledge of the processes across the region, province, country and planet is essential to make proper decisions.

I can safely say from experience that I have benefited from the study of Geography in my career. I have lived in seven different towns/cities, and I would have been very confused if I had not studied the regional culture, industry, ecology and topography. Overall, the study of Geography has helped me live a better life, and I hope to transmit my learning to my students across the board.

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