Five Traits of Successful Learners

I will not claim to have absolute expertise in the brain and how it learns as I am not a neuroscientist.

However, from what I have observed in my experiences as a teacher and a student, it takes a specific mindset to become successful at something.

I believe that if one is

  1. of sound mind
  2. displays interest
  3. possesses a positive attitude
  4. has access to resources
  5. has time and a place to practice learning


they can be successful at what they choose.  In specific regard to mathematics, these traits would give one a primed “math brain”.

Even people with intellectual and processing difficulties have shown to me that they can do math. They may require more scaffolding, cues and resources, but they can still learn math to varying degrees.

Unfortunately, a lack of any of the above traits listed may present a huge roadblock for learners.

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