Dr. Robert Saveland – Geography Teacher for over 70 Years

GeoInspirations: Robert Saveland – Geography Educator, War Hero, Lifelong Learner By Joseph J. Kerski

Three things learned:

1. Dr. Robert Saveland from Missouri is a boss. He has been teaching geography since world war II, where he served as a communications officer in France. He has seen some of the greatest changes in human history unfold during the course of his lifetime. He has been a member of the NCGE for 60 years.

2. He was inspired by his teacher, principal and professor to pursue his goals. His seventh grade teacher inspired him to study geography. His principal in high school encouraged him to pursue university education, and one of his university professors really helped motivate him to succeed.

3. He is a lifelong learner and still attends NCGE meetings after 60 years of membership. He encourages people to find good mentors and continue to nourish their curiosity.

What a guy!

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