5 Reasons to Come to Searchmont This Weekend

You are probably well aware of the new snow we just got last night as your driveway needed a shovelin’ your car needed a brushin’ and your commute went from 5 to 10 minutes. While snow sucks when you are stuck in the Soo, it’s pretty awesome when you are out of town. There are lots of pretty nice places to go to enjoy the fluffy stuff, but nothing beats Searchmont in the middle of winter. Here’s why:

1. #Neature

We all love a good nature shot on Instagram. Why not capture some fabulous memories out in some of the most pristine nature on the planet? The highway may be twisty and windy, but it is indeed spectacular.  It may be a 45 minute drive but it is a great opportunity rob blast your favourite tunes and enjoy the ride! Once you get out here you won’t regret it.


View from he top of the double

Massive exposed Canadian Shield rock faces will greet you amidst countless evergreen trees to provide a pop of colour. The Goulais River winds peacefully around you and the chickadees come out to chirp and play. You might spot a rabbit, and that may mean that a shy little red fox isn’t too far away. Stay the night and you will see more stars than you can imagine. Talk to a local and you might even stumble upon this:


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2. The Snow And Terrain

Searchmont is home to some of the best snowmakers and groomers in the country. It is renowned by national champions for its consistency and perfect hard pack. Although the beginning of the season is tough, now that we have a bit more natural snow, the hill feels like butter. There’s really nothing like it.

Each run is incredibly variable in its shape and terrain. You can take a slightly different line down the same run dozens of times and you would think you were on a brand new piste. Also, because there aren’t hordes of people on the intermediate terrain, it stays pretty much perfect and open all day long. Snowboarders, carvers, park riders and old school skiers can find their niche here as each run is done a bit differently to suit a variety of needs.

3. The Party!

Just after lunch on most Saturdays, you can enjoy some of Searchmont and surrounding area’s best musical talent as you sip on some local beer straight out of the tap. Bar service here is fast and friendly, and most of the time you can get some salty and delicious popcorn for free. Add some of the best French fries on the planet and your belly will feel warm and satisfied after a hard morning of shredding.


Lots of room for your posse!

Most of the people here are very friendly and you will most likely strike up a conversation with a regular if you are skiing solo. If you are interested in meeting new people, this is the place to be as many out of towners flock here to have a good time.  If you are in a group, you never know how your day will progress as there is a certain something about this place that gets people out of their comfort zones.  Even if you have one too many, there are usually Slopeside Villas and chalets available to crash in.

4. Exercise

Skiing and Snowboarding is without a doubt a full-body workout. You don’t even need to bring any equipment or experience to get this opportunity to get a good sweat on – Searchmont offers equipment rentals for prospective skiers and riders, and the Outpost store supplies most hard and soft goods if you need goggles, mitts, a jacket, socks and so on.  If you are a bit timid and don’t want to ski or ride, you can always bring snowshoes or Yaktraks and take a scenic walk on one of the many trails that surround the property or even hike up the hill. There are some beautiful and turny cross country trails best suited for classic skiers. Most of the time you will have the entire trail to yourself.

Not bad.

Not bad eh?

5. Community

If you really like it here and want to come back, you are welcomed with open arms. This is not a private club – we want you here! The more the merrier. Over time you will get to know some of the kindest, gentlest, active and most interesting people in the world.

Met one of my best friends 16 years ago at Searchmont. We still look for any excuse to get out there together!

Met one of my best friends 16 years ago at Searchmont. We still look for any excuse to get out there together!

For some reason, they tend to congregate at Searchmont. Perhaps you can call it a Church of Ullr, as this place is a bit of a religion for the regulars. If you are looking to get fit, have fun, unwind or stay happy, Searchmont is a the place to be to learn, play, love, laugh and explore.

Do you know of any other reasons that I missed? Please feel free to leave in the comments! Hope to ski you soon!

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