MEL 4E – Exploring Income Tax Returns

Hello everyone, feel free to check out a simple activity you can get your MEL4E students to do when they are learning about Personal Finance: Income Tax Returns, I used Simpletax for free:

Have you ever taught students how to file and interpret their income tax? Please share your experiences in the comments.

MEL4E Investigation: Saving Money by Going Green

MEL4E Save Money  PDF

In groups, pairs or individually, choose a topic to investigate (consider the 5 W’s and H) :

1.Pick an expense and explain how money can be saved (how much per month). Explain how this can help with resource and environmental sustainability:

·         Electrical (appliances)

·         Heating

·         Water

·         Cable/Internet

·         Cell phone

·         Laundry

·         Groceries

·         Transportation

·         Recreation

·         Entertainment

·         Other shopping/expenses


MEL4E Financial Crime Investigation

Financial Crime MEL 4E Download

1. Find a real example of a financial crime such as:

·         Tax evasion

·         Money laundering

·         Fraud (cheque, credit card, mortgage,

·         Insider Trading

·         Embezzlement

·         Ponzi/Pyramid Scheme

·         Other financial crime


2. Research/present a career where financial crime is prevalent such as:


·         Accounting

·         Business/Public Administration

·         Sales

·         Financial Planning/Advising/Lending

·         Trading

·         Other career