Data Management IRL: Show Us What You Know

MEL4E Data Unit Culminating Activity Course – MEL4E Unit: Reasoning With Data Expectation: Interpreting and Displaying Data Task: In groups, pairs or individually, choose a topic to investigate : 1. Teach the class how to read and interpret graphs (e.g., bar graph, broken-line graph, histogram) obtained from various sources (e.g., newspapers, magazines, Statistics Canada website) 2. Teach the class how to distinguish between the terms population and sample, describe the […]

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Evidence of Learning – Student Interview for MEL4E

I used the Asking Effective Questions Capacity Building Series as a framework for a student interview for the Applications of Measurement Unit for MEL4E – Grade 12 Mathematics for the Workplace and Everyday Life. I’m really enjoying Google forms! Feel free to check mine out (and let me know of your ideas for improvement): Loading…

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Types of Assessment

What types of assessment do you do with your students?